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We can host almost any gameserver you would like in many locations in the USA and a growing number Worldwide. Our rates are low because we are doing it for the love of the game and community, not to make as large a profit as possible ... kind of the GoodWill of game servers..

  Day of Defeat: Source Team Fortress 2 Terraria
  CS:Source CS:GO Left 4 Dead 2
  Killing Floor Arma 3 Starbound
  Left 4 Dead Insurgency Killing Floor 2
  Fistful of Frags Unturned Call of Duty 4
  CS:1.6 DayZ Mod 1.8.0 DayZ Mod Epoch
  Urban Terror 4 Arma2OA Left 4 Dead 2
  Garrys Mod Dont Starve Together
  Minecraft Stellaris
  Rust 7 Days to Die    

Why Host your Server Here?

Instant Setup Updates when you want them. Online File Management
Discord (nearly 24/7 instant support) Other Server admins for help FTP Access
Free website, email and MySQL DB Affordable Rates Involved in mod development
Be part of our community Share your skills and knowledge.  

Current Server Locations

  • United States - Dallas, New York, Kansas City, Los Angeles
  • United Kingdom - London
  • France - Paris

We are constantly expanding our services as our needs grow. If you would like to have a server in another location, just ask, we may expand our services if requested.
If you would like to see our Game Panel in action you can login at with userid of demo, password of demo.  It is running the Free steam game, Fistful of Frags.  You can edit the server, restart, stop, reinstall .. whatever you want to do ....  break it if you want, then reinstall.   You can download Fistful of Frags from steam if you would like to play on the server.

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Server Hardware

subdomain ip location res hosted games notes
kc0 Kansas City 16/2T    ftp server
kc1 Kansas City 16/2T    
kc2 Kansas City 16/2T    
kc3 Kansas City 16/2T    
kc4 Kansas City 16/2T   reserved for Dimrod Arma servers
dallas1 Dallas  1/25G   reserved services 
dallas2 Dallas 2/150G   reserved testing 
dallas3  Dallas  4/200G    
la1 Los Angeles  3/25g   32bit
la2  Los Angeles  3/50G    
ny1 New York 5/100G    
france1 Paris 3/50G   32bit
uk2  London  3/50G   32bit 
uk3  London  6/30G