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MOD Update script for Dayz Standalone

A script to keep workshop mods installed and updated has been completed. There will be improvements, this is just a basic one for now but serves the purpose. Whenever you START or RESTART your server the script will run, update the mods and then start the server.

Here are the steps required to use this script:

  1. Go to the EDIT CONFIGURATION FILES in your server and edit the workshop_modlist.txt file to include the modID and name. The ...

We have removed the SLOOOWW File Manager and replaced it with a WEB based FTP client. Much faster and better I HOPE!

You can drag a link to your browser and have a permanent FTP access to your server without logging into this site.

If you have any issues with it, let me know.

Public servers now available !


We have been hosting game servers for a small group of people and for our own development uses for over 12 years. Recently we have decided to open our doors to the public (thats YOU). Because we are a small company focused on exceptional services we will do our best to give you the game server you deserve.