Avoid Death and Dismemberment!

A Multiplayer Survival Game


I know what you're saying oh my God not another hack and slash RPG! Well this is not just another hack and slash RPG. This is a hack and slash RPG Survival game. You are meant to survive as long as possible. We give you the tools but it's up to you to be more cunning more careful stronger and better than everybody else because when you die with no save points who's no spawning in and Gathering up all your stuff and starting right where you left off. You died your body and items are scavenge anything you've built is up for grabs all your minions find new Masters.

 Miss game everyone starts off the same it is up to you what you want to practice what you want to learn everything is open. Who can teach you? Anyone who's better than you at that skill. So if you're a skilled Warrior and you team up with a skilled magician you can teach each other.


OR Guess Who is Coming to Dinner?

The Earth has been taken over by aliens in lies and ruin. Because the aliens cannot survive long in the Earth's atmosphere they have brain worms which turn captured humans into willing servants.

You must evade detection by the human servants in the alien overlords to survive.  Gather resources create a camp and survive on your own or join the resistance in an attempt to takeover the world.