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Space War in a Distant Galaxy

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A MMORTS game. At least 250,000 unique sectors of which about 3000 contain Star systems with over 8000 unique planets.
The players goal is to control the galaxy by military force or economically or perhaps a combination of the two.  These winning conditions are selectable by the server host.  Gameplay is loooooonnng .. and slooooooowww .. which allows ample time for strategy. Twitch and macro players will not have an advantage.  By slow what we mean is that suppose two star systems are exactly side by side in Sector 0,1 and Sector 0,2.   They cant be any closer.  A ship traveling from one system to the other will take somewhere in the range of 3 to 6 hours (this is a rough guess at this time).  Players will be notified on a cellphone app or via email when their ship has reached its destination or if it discovers something interesting enroute. So a star system that is far away from its destination might take several days or a week to arrive depending on the distance and the engine technology.  There WILL be ships that can warp immediately to other sectors but they will be small (large mass disrupts the space/time fabric) and will need a short time to recharge the warp drive.  They will only have a few jumps before they need to recharge completely. 

So the actual gameplay will consist of players building a starport in any sector they want, even if another player is already there.  They start with a handful of cargo ships and 1 or 2 jump-capable probes.  Their goal is to harvest resources from the planets in their sector and sell those to a different starport. In turn the profit can be used to create defenses, increase harvesting or build more ships.  They can build cargo or military ships (all ships can be designed by the player).  If they use a military ship, they can "control" a system and collect taxes from the natives as well as harvest the resources.  Players may enter into treaties, perhaps one will be a trader while another will protect the trader systems and ships.  Trading players can join the "trading union" and receive the protection of the insterstellar police.  They operate peacefully.  Any player who attacks a member of the union can no longer trade with any union members and are considered hostile by the Interstellar Police. 


August 20th 2018


Dev Update Week 1

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