How do I cancel my server?
You will have an invoice on your dashboard and game monitor pages. If you want to cancel the server just don’t pay the invoice and your server will be automatically cancelled.
How do I get the Free Trial

Just order a server. Its enabled for 2 weeks after which you need to pay the invoice to keep the server longer.

So no money or charge up front

How do I order a server?

Create an account on our control panel.
Go to the shop page and purchase your server.

How to change my RCON password

Your RCON password MUST be set in the EDIT page from the Game Monitor.

How to change the server name?

In the control panels game monitor page oh, click on the edit button. At the top you will be able to change the name of your server. This set the name in any configuration files as well as on the control panel.

Where is my FTP user and password?

You can VIEW and EDIT your ftp userid and password from the EDIT page in the Game Monitor.