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who knows what could be in here .. it cant be off-topic since there isnt a topic
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by shootingblanks
1 month 6 days ago
server configuration and howto
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games howto and discussions ..
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coding, mods, development of new games or current games ..
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Support for servers hosted on this site (I Are Server & I Are Gamer)
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Server Hardware

subdomain ip location res hosted games notes
kc0 Kansas City 16/2T    ftp server
kc1 Kansas City 16/2T    
kc2 Kansas City 16/2T    
kc3 Kansas City 16/2T    
kc4 Kansas City 16/2T   reserved for Dimrod Arma servers
dallas1 Dallas  1/25G   reserved services 
dallas2 Dallas 2/150G   reserved testing 
dallas3  Dallas  4/200G    
la1 Los Angeles  3/25g   32bit
la2  Los Angeles  3/50G    
ny1 New York 5/100G    
france1 Paris 3/50G   32bit
uk2  London  3/50G   32bit 
uk3  London  6/30G