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TOPIC: Dayz Testing Server on your local PC

Dayz Testing Server on your local PC 7 months 6 days ago #3

If you have a Dayz Mod server (or Epoch, or any other mod) you should be running a testing server on your local PC to make sure all your mod edits work before going live .. or you help you test a new script you are developing in the editor. This is VERY simple. Here is one caveat that I have learned is necessary though, if you have ANY issues that you dont think you should be having, a clean install is the answer and probably should be step one. You are reinstalling the Arma2 and Arma2OA from steam so you will lose no data as its only your client. One other thing, some people install DayZ mod onto their client using the Steam client. I dont do this but it will work, the only thing with your local testing server will be running the Arma2oa appid of 33930 while your client will be running the Dayz mod appid. Solution: just dont launch your client with the Dayz mod, launch it using Arma2 Operation Arrowhead.
  1. I cant get the Arma2 Addons folder to load into Arma2OA although it should work, so I copy the Arma2 Addons folder into my Arma2Oa folder
  2. Download the testingserver.zip
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