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TOPIC: [in Development] in a Distant Galaxy

[in Development] in a Distant Galaxy 2 weeks 2 days ago #4

This is a Massively Multiplayer space based strategy game. What makes this game different is the time scale it takes to play. While obviously not in Real Time, its definitely played in extended time. The game is designed to last a very long time .. months! What this does is give the players time to develop an actual strategy and let it play out as they react to the strategies of other players. This game will not appeal to everyone, but if you like strategy, and think you can outwit other players .. well, we will see.

There are two complimentary game modes that are occurring simultaniously: Strategy and Trading. The strategy player is attempting to conquer his galaxy through force and diplomacy. Building ships, gathering resources, developing a defense and mounting offensive campaigns. At the same time there are Trader players who control ships that are able to make Warp Jumps and therefore travel instantly around MANY galaxies (they can jump from one server onto another entirely different server with different planets and players. The Trader players are key to the strategic players victory because they are able to deliver the supplies to the players that a major war requires .. for a price of course.
You can play either role: Strategy or Trader .. or both!

Game Features:
[Strategy Players]
  • Create a fleet of ships and conquer the galaxy
  • Design your own ships
  • Design your own Starbases
  • Form Alliances. You can fully share control of fleets with all allies or simply have a non-aggression pact
  • Rely on your own resources or hire Traders to deliver needed supplies
  • Customize ship captains to be aggressive or passive or something else
  • Ship Captains improve with each battle they win and you can transfer good captains to more powerful warships
[Trader Players]
  • Design your own ship
  • Jump from Star System to Star System within a galaxy
  • Cant find what you need? Jump to a Parallel Universe and stay there or gather resources and return to your original Galaxy
[Server Owners]
  • Configure your Galaxy like you want, lots of planets, few planets, high/low resources, win conditions,
  • Design NPC alien races and how they interact with players
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