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We dont just rent servers, we help you build YOUR server the way you WANT it to be. We are here to help you every step of the way, from installing mods to building a community. We aren't just a Gameserver Host, We are Gamers

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cheap 7 Days to Die  Game Server 7 Days to Die $0.65 per player slot 7 Days to Die
cheap Arma 3 Game Server Arma 3 $0.40 per player slot Arma3 has mods just like Arma2 did or you can run the game as designed with missions or Wastland. You can install any mod or addon you would like to upload with Exile and all the CUP addons available as a 1-click Addon.
cheap Arma2 Combined Operations Game Server Arma2 Combined Operations $0.40 per player slot Arma2 Combined Operations includes the Arma2 data. If you want to play using ONLY Operation Arrowhead, simply remove the Addons folder. We have maps available for 1-click installs.
cheap Assetto Corsa  Game Server Assetto Corsa $0.22 per player slot
cheap Big Brother Bot  Game Server Big Brother Bot $0.50 per player slot This is a gameserver "BOT" that helps to admin your server. Read the WIKI for more information. When looking at the price, B3 uses ONLY ONE PLAYER SLOT.
cheap BrainBread 2 Game Server BrainBread 2 $0.15 per player slot Classic older cooperative shooter with zombies. FREE to play
cheap Conan Exiles  Game Server Conan Exiles $0.75 per player slot Survival in the lands of Conan
cheap Counter-Strike Game Server Counter-Strike $0.35 per player slot The original CounterStrike.
cheap Counter-Strike Global Offensive  Game Server Counter-Strike Global Offensive $0.65 per player slot ALL of our CSGO servers are running at 128 Tick rate for optimum play. One-Click install of Sourcemod is available as an addon.
cheap Counter-Strike Source Game Server Counter-Strike Source $0.35 per player slot One-Click install of Sourcemod is available as an addon.
cheap Day of Defeat Source Game Server Day of Defeat Source $0.25 per player slot
cheap Day of Infamy Game Server Day of Infamy $0.15 per player slot
cheap DayZ Mod Game Server DayZ Mod $0.40 per player slot This is DayZ MOD using Arma2, NOT the standalone Dayz. The vanilla DayZ mod is installed by default. After installation, you can install Epoch, Overwatch or Overpoch from the ADDONS button..
cheap DayZ Standalone Game Server DayZ Standalone $0.60 per player slot You can install any mods you like and your clients can download them automatically because we host our servers with DayzLauncher Mod Server.
cheap Dont Starve Together Game Server Dont Starve Together $0.60 per player slot
cheap Eco  Game Server Eco $0.50 per player slot
cheap Fistful of Frags Game Server Fistful of Frags $0.15 per player slot Great western style shooter. FREE to play, download it on steam.
cheap FiveM  Game Server FiveM $0.25 per player slot Multiplayer Grand Theft Auto V
cheap Garrys Mod Game Server Garrys Mod $0.30 per player slot
cheap Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Game Server Half-Life 2: Deathmatch $0.40 per player slot
cheap Hurtworld Game Server Hurtworld $0.80 per player slot
cheap Insurgency Game Server Insurgency $0.30 per player slot
cheap Insurgency: Sandstorm Game Server Insurgency: Sandstorm $0.75 per player slot
cheap Killing Floor Game Server Killing Floor $0.25 per player slot Killing Floor
cheap Killing Floor 2 Game Server Killing Floor 2 $0.35 per player slot
cheap Left 4 Dead Game Server Left 4 Dead $0.25 per player slot
cheap Left 4 Dead 2 Game Server Left 4 Dead 2 $0.45 per player slot
cheap Minecraft Game Server Minecraft $0.75 per player slot Running version 1.15.1 and once you have created the default Minecraft server you can switch at any time to Spigot and back to Minecraft using the ADDONS button.
cheap Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Game Server Rising Storm 2: Vietnam $0.50 per player slot
cheap Rust Game Server Rust $0.15 per player slot
cheap SpunkyBot Game Server SpunkyBot $0.50 per player slot Bot for Urban Terror servers. For more information visit our Wiki. When looking at the price, SpunkyBot uses ONLY ONE PLAYER SLOT.
cheap Stationeers  Game Server Stationeers $0.50 per player slot
cheap Team Fortress 2 Game Server Team Fortress 2 $0.25 per player slot
cheap Unreal Tournament Game Server Unreal Tournament $0.15 per player slot
cheap Unturned  Game Server Unturned $0.45 per player slot Because of the shear number of small files that create the worlds of Unturned it takes a LOOOONNG time to download and install. Please be patient as it does so.
cheap Urban Terror 4 Game Server Urban Terror 4 $0.15 per player slot Version 4.3.4 First Person Shooter with multiple game modes and its FREE to download at http://urbanterror.info We recommend using the Spunkybot in conjunction with this game for easy admin and stats.