MOD Update script for Dayz Standalone

MOD Update script for Dayz Standalone

A script to keep workshop mods installed and updated has been completed. There will be improvements, this is just a basic one for now but serves the purpose. Whenever you START or RESTART your server the script will run, update the mods and then start the server.

Here are the steps required to use this script:

  1. Go to the EDIT CONFIGURATION FILES in your server and edit the workshop_modlist.txt file to include the modID and name. The name can be anything you want, but this will be the name you need to add into your -mod= in the startup parameters.
  2. Go to the CUSTOM FIELDS page in your server and insert your steamid and password. Steam workshop can not download anonymously. Just your steamuserid and password
  3. In order for the mods to update, the server must be started. So do that and make sure the mods are installed. Then you will want the mods to be updated on a regular schedule so go to the CRON menu and have your server restart on a regular schedule like every 4 hours . Make sure you check your cron setting at the

And as always, if there are any questions or issues, contact us on Discord.

04/Nov/2019 - Written by: frank