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by admin
22 Feb 2016, 01:47
Forum: Free Games
Topic: Where do 'FREE GAMES' come from?
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Where do 'FREE GAMES' come from?

Well, who can pass up a good deal? Even if its a deal because its a game nobody wants .. after all, someday somebody will want that game! So to answer the question, they come from several sites: ⋅  Steam Sales which are cheap, , but not as cheap as to call 'free'. But I will buy a game tha...
by admin
21 Feb 2016, 23:37
Forum: Arma/Dayz
Topic: SQF to Biedi Converter
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SQF to Biedi Converter

Okay, imagine this scenario. You get a custom addon like a city or a trader location .. looks great but its not quite perfect. How to fix it up or move it to another location? Cant do it because you need the 3d biedi file. Well this tool will take your sqf file and create a biedi file for you. Then ...

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