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Where do 'FREE GAMES' come from?

Any extra steam keys or DRM free games you might want to share with others.
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Where do 'FREE GAMES' come from?

Post#1 » 22 Feb 2016, 01:47

Well, who can pass up a good deal? Even if its a deal because its a game nobody wants .. after all, someday somebody will want that game! So to answer the question, they come from several sites:
  • Steam Sales which are cheap,, but not as cheap as to call 'free'. But I will buy a game thats on sale for a few dollars (or .49 cents) just because maybe someone will want it someday.
  • Humble Bundle is certainly the king of cheap games. And some of them are actually pretty good. They get part of the proceeds to go to charity so its a tax writeoff for the developers and a good deal for you. Often we can buy 5-6 games for $1.00 ... or 10 for $6.00
  • Kinguin is a good site sometimes. Games aren't 'on sale', they are just sold cheaply as steam keys ... probably stolen steam keys but what the hell, its a good deal :lol: I have gotten a few things from there, no complaints.
  • Bundle Stars packs about 6 or 8 games into a 'Bundle' and sells them for $2 or $3 dollars.

I just cant pass up a deal so I have several HUNDRED games, many of dubious quality, that I have purchased for little or nothing.

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