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quality of dimrod domination and the shameless admin

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quality of dimrod domination and the shameless admin

Post#1 » 16 Mar 2016, 16:24

the quality of dimrod dom in the beginning was amazing, so much so that my cousin and i have stuck to this server for this long. but over time things have gotten really bad, mainly due to the issues of one admin named kev. (yes, my cousin refused to write this because kev has made it very apparent that he needs other people to chime in other than just him. my cousin just got banned after trying to get kev to finally do his job.)\

you can ask anyone, the TKers and aircraft rapers get banned in chibis/TF1776 and then come to dimrod and stay on dimrod because they know they will absolutely never get banned. never. now this wouldn't be an issue if versant was moderating during parts of the day, as every single long term dimrod lover has seen he will and does get things done. he isn't hungry for activity.

kev watches TKing happen every day, he watches the same exact people break server rules all day, everyday. do these people get banned? LOL no, not by kev. kev says he "needs more evidence" to even give them a two day ban, meanwhile these people have been on the server TKing every single day most of which is purposefully. we have a 22 man realism squad that currently downright refuses to play on dimrod because it is TKer and AO rape heaven, they dont want to play on a server where people can break server rules then get the person banned who got the rules broken against.

it is true, kev banned him because he was trying to get kev to finally do his job. it is true, he did say he was going to do anything he possibly could to make sure the other admins realize what kind of a job kev does. but regardless of what he said during that anger, after kev did the exact opposite of what his job entails, you all need to step up and make this right. the people we do play with that goes to dimrod can give you a long list of names of people that kev refuses to ban even though they purposefully break server rules every single time they get online. you dont need to hear it from him, you dont need to hear it from me, there are about 8 other people who can vouche that kev does not ban ANYONE for breaking server rules (only for calling him out on not doing his job) and that there are a long list of now regular TKers and AO rapers that kev witnesses and gets reports sent to him about EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If you would like us to have those people contact you guys to ensure that you guys actually understand that this has been a long time in the making, we've wanted to bring this to scorpion and versants attention for a long while now but that this was the icing on the cake. kev banning my cousin while trying to bring to his attention that there were blatant and purposeful TKers on the server, kev only banned him because he said he would make sure the other admins knew that kev was abusing and refusing.

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