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Welcome to Dimrod Domination

Arma 2 coop mission
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Welcome to Dimrod Domination

Post#1 » 10 Apr 2016, 22:24

Welcome To:
Dimrod Domination Server

We are working, as we get time, on new maps for our server. We have only been at arma2oa editing for a couple of months, And running a server for maybe about 6 months, But have gotten a great bit of help from scorpion @ chibi's server.

Thanks a lot scorpion!! for getting us started with editing missions.
Thanks a lot shootingblanks!! for the space to run the dimrod game server.

We have had issues with running out of room for players on our games, So we have added a lot of players to these maps (currently set at 40).
We are currently cycling through three different games that scorpion got us started with and we have done some changes too also.

one of the original more moded games we call V5, which uses the south base.
one that we called V7, now just call South base Takistan.
one that we called V8, now just call North base Takistan.

We hope y'all enjoy playing these games and our server and have lots of fun with it.

Please send shootingblanks a shout for suppling a game server, and check out some of the other games here also.

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