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Scripting Tutorial Series

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Scripting Tutorial Series

Post#1 » 29 Feb 2016, 13:51

I have made a fair number of youtube videos, often just at the spur of the moment to demonstrate to a particular person how something is done. The problem is that you have to watch the video to get one bit of information ... its not searchable. Also, many people are not native English speakers so they dont benefit from any of the spoken instructions.

Therefore I have decided to make a handful of tutorial posts which can easily be translated via google for use by anyone in any language. I use images, and try to annotate the images as little as possible for maximum portability.

Also I am not going to describe the step by step instructions for installing a specific script. Instead, I am going to give readers the information they need to be able to install ANY script.

Errors, always something producing errors and someone will post on a website like Opendayz "Hey, my script doesnt work, can you help me?" There is no mention of the error, what their logs say or what occurs in the game. I am going to attempt to give readers enough information to be able to debug their own problems. There are a few issues that are unique to Arma or Dayz servers that we will cover specifically but most often there is an issue with a script being installed incorrectly or spelling errors ... probably 90% of the time. These scripts are used by hundreds or thousands of server admins, they usually dont just suddenly break.

So now you know what to expect .. read on. BTW. This thread is locked for replies so if you have questions, comments or something to add just post it in a New Topic.
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