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B3 IRC Plugin

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B3 IRC Plugin

Post#1 » 22 Feb 2016, 00:24

This is functioning. But is a work in progress at the moment and is available on github during development.
This allows your server to create a 'channel' on an irc channel for itself and for your 'server group'. All messages posted into the irc channel are echoed into your server. The server monitors both its own channel and your group channel.
The result here is that when you post from server1, all the players on server2 will see the message. So if you as an admin are playing on server2, you can get the immediate message that you are needed.

The project goal is to create a 'match channel'. Allow players to request a match which will be broadcast to ALL servers which are using the IRC network. Players may also monitor the matchmaking IRC channel on their desktop clients.
So player on server 1 wants to play a match, he types the keyword and the gamemode he wants to play !match ctf
Players on server2 ... server100 all see the message "Player1 request CTF match". If anyone wants to play in that CTF match, they reply with !accept CTF. and the IP:port of the Match server is printed to the player so they can immediately join.

View the Github repository here. The attachment is not up to date.
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