Support for game servers hosted on our network
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The official information for ALL source game servers is at the Valve Developer Community .

The most useful parameters are below. If there is a checkbox or other selectable option in the Control Panel, use that as it will override any parameters you type into the Extra Parameters field.

Source Dedicated Server
Command-line arguments for the Source Dedicated Server executable (<code>srcds.exe, srcds_run)

Command-line parameters
  • -insecure
    Will start the server without Valve Anti-Cheat.
  • -nobots
    Disable bots.
  • -nohltv
    Disables SourceTV and closes its port (usually 27020).
  • -norestart
    Won't attempt to restart failed servers
  • -tickrate <number>
    Specifies Server-Tickrate (for more info see Source Multiplayer Networking). This doesn't exist on TF2, CSS, L4D, and L4D2.
  • -usercon
    Enables RCON for CS:GO Servers

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